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Every day across the United Kingdom, children are taken from what they know as “normal” and placed into the care of strangers. It is necessary for their safety and health. They are children looked after by foster families, and though it is for their benefit to be in care, it is a scary and confusing time. Our mission is to make them know that they are loved, they are valuable, and that hope and joy are theirs to have in the fullest.

The Starfish Alliance - What We Do

Confronting Abuse. Changing Lives. Transforming Communities.

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Our Locations

We are growing our camps and mentoring clubs in Wales, and we are looking for churches in England, Scotland, and Ireland to serve children in their communities. 

Latest Stories from Starfish KIDS Camps

Starfish KIDS Camps continue to Make Moments Matter! We invite you to follow along as we showcase how lives are being changed.

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