Start a Camp

Your church starting a camp for your community.

Starting a camp or mentoring programme can seem daunting. Serving children who have experienced trauma deserves to be done well, and it will take a lot of work. It takes a lot of time and dedication, but as we journey through the steps below, your efforts will bear great fruit for your church, your campers, and your community.

Church Leadership

Church leadership needs to be unified before taking steps to launch a Starfish KIDS programme.

The decision should not be made without first praying and becoming familiar with the fostercare statistics in your community. We are praying for you and can point you in the direction of helpful resources as you begin researching.

Church Body

Build awareness and excitement within your church body. We can help by:

- Sharing at a church service or small group.

- Providing videos and promotional materials that will help you effectively communicate vision and need.

Programme Leaders

Building awareness will help you identify and recruit a team to direct your camp or mentoring programme.

You will need to identify 2-5 leaders for camp, 1-3 leaders for mentoring.

Leader Training

Once your leaders are indentified, we will train and resource them to launch and sustain a successful camp or mentoring programme.

Our team will guide you through this process. Training dates and locations are announced each year.

Programme Launch

When your programme leaders have completed training, they will be ready to plan the launch of your church's Starfish KIDS programme.

Our team will be there every step of the way to ensure your success!

The Church and the Child

Confronting Abuse. Changing Lives. Transforming Communities.

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