Starfish Alliance and Churches

Churches are the backbone of our work. Here’s how your church can be a part.
Children who have experienced abuse, neglect and relational trauma are not just in other countries. They live in your neighbourhoods, go to school in your city and they need you to show them they are loved and valued. Learn the facts on looked-after children in your community. Understanding the need will lead your church family to action.

Start a Camp

All of our programmes are hosted by local churches. Find out how to begin your church's journey.


Invest your hours and minutes in the life of a child who needs healthy adults. Find out how you can be a part.


You can help The Starfish Alliance start new programmes across the UK and Ireland. Find out how you can give.

Starfish Kids

Confronting Abuse. Changing Lives. Transforming Communities.

How can your church get involved?

Churches are the backbone of what we do. Through the well-established network of Christian faith communities, we are able to tap into a rich network of volunteers and resources. Most importantly, churches serve in the frontline of our work, as they are the ones directing and implementing each local camp.

Please note: Children of all faiths or no faith are welcome at Starfish KIDS Camps and Mentoring Clubs. We value helping ALL children to change the trajectory of their lives.

Can my church host a camp?

It all starts with CAMP – a place where children in care can learn lessons of trust and give them HOPE. A place where they can experience felt safety. A place where they can just be kids and step away from their difficult family situations. Launching a camp unites your church family with a purpose, expands your church into the community, and brings the church and council together for a noble cause.

The Starfish Alliance actively works with an ecumenical and multi-denominational church network that varies widely in traditions and denomination but is unified in affirming standard Christian faith as outlined in our faith statement.

I’m not part of a church, but I’d like to volunteer.

If you are not currently part of a church, there is a place for you! Volunteers are not necessarily required to be church members or members of the sponsoring church, but for reasons of accountability, the directors and those in core positions must be members of the host church and accountable to the sponsoring pastoral team and The Starfish Alliance.
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