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Children: Children of all faiths, or no faith are welcome at Starfish KIDS Camps. We value helping all children who have been affected by abuse and neglect to change the trajectory of their lives.

Volunteers: Volunteers are not necessarily required to be church goers, but for reasons of accountability, the lead volunteer directors must be members of the sponsoring church and accountable to the sponsoring pastoral team and The Starfish Alliance. Other volunteer positions may not require membership of the host church, but may require regular church attendance at a local church.

Host Church: The Starfish Alliance actively works with a multi-denominational network of churches that varies widely in traditions and/or denominations, but is unified in affirming the standard Christian faith, as outlined in The Starfish Alliance faith statement.

Faith Statement: We affirm faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the trustworthiness and authority of the Bible and the value and dignity of all people as well as our human alienation from God by sin and our need for salvation and grace through Jesus Christ.

Three to five people from an established and respected church would attend an intense week-long Starfish KIDS Camp Directors Training Camp during a summer.

Once training is completed, that church group will have one year to fundraise, recruit, and launch their own local Starfish KIDS Camp, serving looked after children ages 6-12 from their community.

The host church is responsible for and operates their own Starfish KIDS Camp, under the accountability of The Starfish Alliance.

Starfish KIDS Camps are a free, one-week summer camp experience specifically designed for the needs of looked after children ages 6-12.

When a child goes to Starfish KIDS Camp, they receive the attention and encouragement of an adult camp volunteer, known as “BIGs”.

In addition, each camper is exposed to a variety of exciting activities designed for their encouragement and self-esteem.

Some activities include woodworking, swimming, costumes, parties, sports, fishing, songs and skits, games, musical instruments, hiking, and horseback riding.

For most children, it’s the best week of the year – a special time when they can focus on having fun and enjoy being a kid.

Evenings at camp are filled with special events such as a carnival, royal ball, and the highlight of the week, the surprise birthday party where there is cake and gifts for every child! Campers receive special gifts through the week as well. One of which is their camp memory book, filled with photos taken throughout the week – a treasure to remind them about the unconditional love and positive memories they experienced.

They also receive a camp duffle bag for their clothes, a water bottle, a cuddly toy, a children’s Bible, and an Mp3 player with all the camp songs and stories pre-loaded.

In addition to all the wonderful gifts and memories, the most valuable thing they take home with them is hope – a hope that no matter what they have been through, or what their life situation may be, there are people that love them, and there is a God that made them and has a wonderful plan for their lives.

Two children – and only two – are assigned to each camp BIG.

Each BIG and two children are assigned a partner BIG and children-forming a family POD of six (two adults and 4 campers).

Throughout the week, each family POD will stay together for all activities. In addition, there is generally a camp COUSIN(s) assigned to each POD, making the staff to children ratio even higher.

This ensures the campers safety, while also providing much needed one-on-one attention.

Camp Directors, staff, and BIG campers go through intensive training, including a study of the dynamics of child abuse and neglect, using recognised professionals in the field as faculty as well as safeguarding training.

There is a safe recruitment process for volunteers, including applications, interviews, references, and enhanced DBS checks.

There are robust operational policies and procedures, such as the “two deep” rule, which ensure that there is never an opportunity for an unsafe or questionable situation.

The camp location itself is especially selected to provide a safe, fun place for the camp experience. Many of the volunteers are in professions having to do with children and youth, a nurse and social work professional/safeguarding lead are always onsite to attend to the campers’ needs.


There are 68,680 children in care living in foster homes across the United Kingdom.


Around 30,000 new children are put into care each year.


The main reasons children are taken into care are abuse and neglect.


Nearly half of all men in custody in England come from care.


Approximately 20% of homeless people in Wales come from care.

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