Volunteer at a Starfish KIDS Camp

People power the work of The Starfish Alliance, and it takes lots of people to make camps and clubs work!

Not all volunteers are required to be church members or members of the sponsoring church, but for reasons of accountability, the lead volunteer directors must be members of the sponsoring church and accountable to the sponsoring pastoral team and The Starfish Alliance.


Build Awareness

Begin by building awareness with your church. Care-experienced children live in your neighbourhoods, attend your local schools, and they need you to show them the love of God. Learn the facts on looked after children in your local authority. Understanding the need will lead your church family to action. For more information about care-experienced children in your area or for materials to help build awareness, click here.

Launch a Camp

It all starts with CAMP – a place where children learn HOPE and experience LOVE. A place where they can feel safe. A place where they can just be kids and step away from difficult situations.
Launching a camp unites your church family with a purpose; expands your church into the community; and brings the church and local authority together for a noble cause.
If you are a church or in a partnership of churches, you can start a Starfish KIDS Camp to make a difference in the lives of looked-after children in your area. A team of 3-5 people selected by the host church leadership would attend an intense week-long Director’s Training Camp. Once completed, your church will have one year to raise funds, recruit volunteers and launch your own local camp. Each camp operates much like a “franchise” of the original model and is accountable to the host church’s leadership, as well as The Starfish Alliance and its parent organisation, For The Children.

Starfish Faith Statement

The Starfish Alliance is a Christian charity. We are not affiliated with any one denomination or group, and we work across denominational lines. We hold to a basic and principled statement of faith:
We affirm faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the trustworthiness and authority of the Bible and the value and dignity of all people as well as our human alienation from God by sin and our need for salvation and grace through Christ.

To volunteer for the camps & mentoring clubs, it requires:


A four page application along with references (minimum 18 years old)


A thirty minute interview for suitability

Background Screening

A complete background screening


12 hours of training (provided by the local RFK Staff)

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