Story of the One (SOTO): The Active One

The Active One

So he was a challenge… I have an autistic brother, but Tom* pushed me. He continually wanted to go and do his own thing (Billy, a volunteer from RFK in America, was a welcome addition to our family pod with his abundant energy).

So as the week came to a close, the running and constant whistling (thanks for that Bryan), he became more difficult due to detachment, but then came the stones.

I had spent all week thinking over a word that would touch this boy’s life. A boy who is quite clearly overly active and would be a burden on carers. I spoke with Mike (Coach) and Billy whom Tom had become very fond of and we all thought along the same lines, that this was a boy, despite his issues, you couldn’t help but think fondly of. Someone who is actually wanted and not a burden.

I explained a little to Tom how we all think he’s awesome and had given us such a fun week (if not hectic) and his new name was Valued. Instantly I saw a different child. He stood there quietly, looking in awe at his new name. One of Marks boys was having issues on the final day with his detachment shouting behind the circle to which Tom instantly ‘requested’ he be quiet so that he could listen to the other names being given out.

Tom’s new name: Valued

* A pseudo name has been used to protect the identity of the child

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