Story of the One (SOTO): The Quiet One

The Quiet One

Kevin.* What can I say except he was a little sweetheart. Always listening, following everyone, getting involved in games and crafts, he was an absolute delight.

However the side that people may not have seen was the scared little boy, who, when asked to get up during meetings, became withdrawn and afraid. There was an incident during the talent show when Kevin wanted to skip as his talent, but overcome by the fear he began to cry. We instantly withdrew his entry as not to cause any harm emotionally.

After this incident he closed up a little, but then breakthrough happened. Thanks to Fluffy the bear who performed the dance moves that Kevin couldn’t during meetings, he opened up.

Then at the Superhero ball, Kevin was flanked by Misty and Helen (our camp directors), and they started busting out some awesome Starfish dance moves, my heart melted at how this fearful boy was growing in confidence.

Then came the renaming ceremony. This was an easy one, Kevin had grown in confidence all week, after telling him how he had become braver and got involved in things, his new name was Confident. The awe in his eyes that someone thought he was confident will live with me forever. You could see how much a single word meant to him.

Kevin’s new name: confident.

* A pseudo name has been used to protect the identity of the child

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