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Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved with The Starfish Alliance. From starting your own camp as a church all the way to personally volunteering. Even your business can get involved! Find out more below on the many ways to get involved.


Build awareness

Learn the facts about looked after children in your local authority. Understanding the needs will lead your church family to action. Build awareness today and get started on your journey to getting involved with The Starfish Alliance!

Launch a Camp

Launching a camp unites your church family with a purpose; expands your church into the community; and brings the church and local authority together for a great cause. And it will grow your people!


Start a Camp

Be an influencer in your community, sharing the vision of what it would look like to start a Starfish KIDS Camp in your area. Be an ambassador of hope!

Volunteer with us

We have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals at our camps and/or mentoring clubs. Apply today. It will change your life...for good!


Be a Corporate Partner

Our corporate sponsors are vital to starting and supporting camps across the UK. National and local sponsorship packages are available to any business that wants to offer hope to children in need.

Employee incentives

Many companies encourage their workers to get behind good causes. Your organisation can help send individual children to camps in their areas.

Social Services

Foster carers

People all over the country offer the security of their home to less fortunate children. If you are one of these superstars, you may want to know how the children in your care can come to camp.

Social services

Behind every effort to stop abuse and neglect in our communities is a group of dedicated professionals who sacrifice their time and treasure to improve the lives of looked after children. If you are a social work professional, you may have questions about how we do camp.


Donate to Starfish KIDS to change the trajectory of children who have been abused and neglected.


The Starfish Alliance is the nation’s largest network of camps and mentoring clubs for foster children. To volunteer and/or get involved, contact the local camp director or mentoring club director. We suggest that you contact the sponsoring church/camp closest to you. Alternatively you can contact us.

Send a Child

Learn more about supporting Starfish KIDS in shepherding camps and mentoring clubs, sending your foster child to a camp and mentoring club, or sponsoring a child for a camp and mentoring club near you.

Our corporate partners


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